Continuing Education

In order to renew a license issued under the State Electrical Act, the licensee shall be required to complete twelve contact hours of continuing education by January 1 of each odd numbered year. The continuing education courses shall be approved by the State Electrical Board and may consist of training programs, courses, and seminars by the State Electrical Division or public or private schools, organizations, or associations. The contact hours shall include a minimum of six contact hours studying the National Electrical Code described in Section 81-2104 of the State Electrical Act, and the remaining contact hours may include study of electrical circuit theory, blueprint reading, transformer and motor theory, electrical circuits and devices, control systems, programmable controllers, and microcomputers or any other study of electrical-related material that is approved by the board. Any additional hours studying the National Electrical Code shall be acceptable.

Apprentice Registration Continuing Education

At the time of registration renewal, an apprentice shall present documentary evidence of successful completion of the requisite hours of continuing education courses under section 81-2117.01 and pay the fee for renewal provided by section 81-2118. If an applicant for renewal fails to complete the required hours and submit the evidence to the board, the board shall assess up to a six-month increase of required experience necessary for the applicant to qualify for the examination under section 81-2115.