Exam Information and Licensing Applications


Licensing Applications

Online Applications: Nebraska Electrician Registration/License Application

Use this application for:

Initial Exam Applications

Retake Exam Applications

New Apprentice Registration

Reminder: if your Apprentice Card is expired, please use the mail-in application. 


Mail-in Applications:  2024 Licensing Application

Use this application for: 

Exam Applications

Reciprocal Licensing

Apprentice Registrations

Any applicant who is not a citizen of the U.S., who will need to submit two identification documents (front and back), one form being from USCIS as attached photocopies with your application. 

Exam Information

The Examination for all license types except Apprentice Registration will cover, but is not limited to the following: 

  • National Electrical Code - 2017
  • Basic Electricity - Theory
  • Nebraska State Electrical Act
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Emergency Circuits - Including Fire Alarm Circuits

Thorough knowledge of the National Electrical Code is the greatest asset for passing the examination!

If you successfully pass your exam, you will be awarded 6 hours of continuing education credit towards your total needed for license renewal!


NOTICE: Before applying for an exam please read the following.

Exam Applications approval requirements. Policy 36 - Effective November 8, 2019

Policy 36 11-8-19

Waiting period for retesting. Policy 37 - Effective March 17, 2020. 

Policy 37 3-17-20


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