Educational Provider Information and Forms

If you are a continuing education provider or wish to apply to be one, the following forms are available.

NOTE:  Allyson Crawford-Thiel has taken over the Licensing and continuing education rosters.

For Online classes you must have Facial Recognition or Photo record of the person taking the class. They cannot just log in and out to accumulate their hours. Their identity has to be verified the whole time that they are taking the class.

Continuing education previously approved course/provider -

preapproved editable-9-2021.pdf

Continuing education to be approved from a new provider or adding a new instructor to be approved -

 cesalongform editable 9-2021.pdf

Provider Instructions -

Instructions for Continuing Education Providers-10-11-2022.pdf

Provider Roster - Do not alter the roster formatting

Don't add anything to the list at all, do not at columns, letters, or punctuation.


Provider Numbering Example



For the time being you can submit/attach all correspondence (class applications, questions, rosters, etc.) here: