Residential Journeyman Wireman


An applicant for a residential journeyman electrician license shall:

  1. Have at least three years experience, acceptable to the board, in the electrical trade.
  2. Registration as an apprentice electrician for those years shall, on the approval of the board, constitute evidence of such experience. (Please refer to 81-2113 of the Nebraska State Electrical Act for further requirements.)
    1. The board may by rule or regulation provide for the allowance of one year of experience credit for successful completion of a two-year post-high school electrical course approved by the board.
  3. A residential journeyman electrician license shall be valid only for residential installations.

Application Fee / $60

License Fee - The fee for a license issued in:

  • Even-numbered year - $25.00
  • Odd-numbered year - $50.00


Mail-in  2024 Licensing Application

Note: Residential installations are defined as: “An installation intended for a single-family or two-family residential dwelling or a multi-family residential dwelling not larger than three stories in height.” Clubhouses at multi-family complexes must be wired by Type JA journeymen.